Pitch, Outline & Bibliography

Elevator Pitch

My name is Rikki Breznak and I am a senior at Rutgers University. I will be graduating in January with a degree in Journalism and Media. I have a strong interest in public relations and media. I hope to pursue a career in the entertainment industry one day. I have prior experience in public relations and event planning from Slate PR and The Tesla Group PR.



My research project is on how social media has become the new advertising and marketing for the fashion industry.

Literature Review

  1. Pros
  2. Cons
  3. Transition

In my literature review I want to show the positive and negative effects of having social media as the new advertising for the fashion industry. I would like to also be able to the show the transition from past advertising such as magazines, billboards etc to its current status.

Research Question

How does social media effect the fashion industry?

Data Collection

For the past two weeks I looked at a few different fashion brands and their social media accounts. The fashion brands I looked at were Forever 21, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, and Ralph Lauren. The first week consisted mostly of their content and what type of posts they make. The second week I took a look at their comment sections.

Data Analysis

In both the higher end brands and the cheaper brands, they had similar ways of showing their products via social media. I analyzed the different ways their products were advertised on social media whether it was a new product, a sale, or promotion. When taking a look at the comment section, I noticed that the cheaper brand, Forever 21, had a lot more noticeable negative comments than the higher end brands.

Data Presentation

When it comes to my presentation, I will be showing screen shots of the different social media pages, comments, and posts of the different fashion brands. I plan on showing this information in prezi or powerpoint.

Annotated Bibliography

Knowledge sharing through social media: Investigating trends and technologies in a global marketing and advertising research company

Adamovic, D., Potgieter, A., & Mearns, M. (2012). Knowledge sharing through social media: investigating trends and technologies in a global marketing and advertising research company: original research. South African Journal of Information Management, 14(1), 1-7.

Summary: This article studies social media technology trends in the Nielsen Company. The Nielsen Company is a global information and measurement company. With the use of these trends, the article discusses how they can help create a knowledge sharing culture. This fits into my capstone project of using social media as a new form of marketing. It shows how the company uses social media technologies in order to share knowledge. When consumers learn about knowledge of a certain brand or company, it creates interest in the company’s product. This article shows how company’s can make their audience and consumers knowledge and aware of a company.

Post Modern Identity: Image, Fashion and New Technologies

Abrudan, E. (2012). Postmodern Identity. Image, Fashion and New Technologies. Journal of Media Research-Revista de Studii Media, (1 (12), 3-14.

Summary: This article describes the influence fashion has in experimenting and changing an individual’s identity. It also shows how the fashion industry influences identity construction through the use of media. Although this article is not solely based on marketing and social media, it shows how the fashion industry is one of the many industries that uses media to sell their products and advertise it to the world.

Measuring the degree of corporate social media use

 Aichner, T., & Jacob, F. (2015). Measuring the degree of corporate social media use. International Journal of Market Research, 57(2), 257-275.

Summary: This article aims to measure the amount of social media is used within a company. Through the different types of social media being used and how it is used, shows how successful a company’s advertising is and can be used to predict success for future events. This fits in my topic of social media being the new marketing and advertising in the corporate world and measuring their success based off of social media accounts.

Social Media: Marketing Public Relations New Best Friend

 Papasolomou, I., & Melanthiou, Y. (2012). Social media: Marketing public relations’ new best friend. Journal of Promotion Management, 18(3), 319-328.

Summary: This article is about how consumers now prefer the use of social media in creating and exchanging messages towards brands and corporations. Companies also enjoy using social media as a new marketing tool because it is a more informal and personal way to connect with consumers. The internet is no longer just to look for information, it is a way to create relationships with companies. The world of marketing and advertising has changed. Marketing and PR combined enhances the impact of promotion. MPR is about creating a buzz about a product and encouraging connectors of mass media and electronic media. Through social media, it allows for stronger bonds with consumers, creates more positive consumer attitudes and enhances the reputation.

This article shows one type of marketing, Marketing Public Relations, and how a company’s advertisements and connections improved with the use of social media.

The informational Value of Social Tagging Networks

 Nam, H., & Kannan, P. K. (2014). The informational value of social tagging networks. Journal of Marketing, 78(4), 21-40.

 Summary: By the use of social media, consumers are expressing and sharing their opinions, thoughts and perceptions towards brands and products. By sharing these thoughts and opinions, the users “tag” words that relate to the brand or product. Tags are readily searchable through keywords that are used.

With an increase in popular keywords in tagging through social media, it will bring more positive attention and reflection to a company and most likely a positive increase of cash flows. The article finds that the use of tagging can be a good measure of favorability of brand associations. This demonstrates how the action of tagging on social media can increase the popularity of a brand, spread the word, and increase purchase of the merchandise.

Social Media, Social Me: A Content Analysis of Beauty Companies’ Use of Facebook in Marketing and Branding

Shen, B., & Bissell, K. (2013). Social media, social me: A content analysis of beauty companies’ use of Facebook in marketing and branding. Journal of Promotion Management, 19(5), 629-651.

Summary: This article researched how beauty brands use social media, focusing on Facebook, to increase brand awareness and brand loyalty. The article looks into what social media tools were used more frequently by beauty brands to connect with fans and consumers. The use of social media has caused a shift in their focus fro products to people and from information delivery to information exchange. Facebook allows these brands to connect with their consumers through Q&A’s and beauty polls. Two-way interaction in social media may give brands a better engagement control and allow them react quickly to market developments. Although I am focusing on the fashion industry and not so much beauty brands, this demonstrates how these different brands use social media to market their products, specifically on Facebook and is very similar to the fashion industry.

Pitch, Outline & Bibliography

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