Pitch, Outline, & Bibliography

My name is Vivek Singh, and I will be graduating in May 2016 from Rutgers with a degree in ITI. I have a strong interest in taking my tech knowledge to the business and finance industry. I hope to work on Wall Street one day, and run my own start up. I have prior experience from working as intern at Healthfirst, and being a supervisor at the Rutgers Help Desk.



My research project is on how the students and affiliates reacted to the Rutgers DDOS attacks and what Rutgers has done for the future.

Literature Review

  1. Amount of Attacks
  2. Effect of Attacks
  3. Aftermath

In my literature review I want to explain when the attacks happened and the impact of each attack. This will then be followed up by how the students and affiliates reacted to it, and what Rutgers did to prevent this from occurring int he future.

Research Question

How did the DDOS attacks affect the Rutgers community?

Data Collection

I had collected articles, which explained the attacks that occurred last year and the impact of these attacks. I also collected an interview with the hacker, which states what they did and why they did it. I also collected what Rutgers has done to prevent this from occurring next year.

Data Analysis

These attacks are broken down to show what had happened each time. Also the interview from the hacker explains why they did it, who was asking them to do it, and how they did it. .

Data Presentation

I will use a powerpoint presentation, alongside a map possibly to show the chronological events..

Annotated Bibliography

DDOS Attacks What You Need To Know”

De, N. (2015, April 1). DDoS attack: What you need to know. Retrieved October 27, 2015, from http://www.dailytargum.com/article/2015/05/rutgers-ddos-attack-break-down


This article breaks down on what a DDoS Attack is and how it effected the Rutgers system. The article uses real life examples such as a robbery and explains how to look at the breach. The article then breaks down scenarios to how the attack could have happened or who could have done the attacks, and what the University is doing for future purposes.

De, N. (2015, April 1). DDoS attack: What you need to know. Retrieved October 27, 2015, from http://www.dailytargum.com/article/2015/05/rutgers-ddos-attack-break-down


The author had interviewed the attacker to see what their motive was and other questions. The hacker had admitted to getting paid by a third party and admits to being on campus of the attack. The attacker refuses to show how they were paid, but just states Bitcoin. They also state that they will stop once they stop being paid. They also show a snapshot of their screen of hacking. The article then acts questions regarding the attack, such as if the hacker was really hired by an third party candidate.

FBI Investigating Rutgers University in DDoS Attack

Abel, R. (2015, April 30). FBI investigating Rutgers University in DDoS attack. Retrieved October 27, 2015, from http://www.scmagazine.com/the-fbi-is-helpign-rutger-inveigate-a-series-of-ddos-attack/article/412149/


This article mentions the attack occurring at Rutgers and the FBI looking into the issue. The FBI will be working with the Rutgers PD to see who is behind the issue. The article states that as this attack has occurred a few times this year, the University was update everyone on how they are handling the situation.


http://www.dailytargum.com/article/2015/05/rutgers-students-respond-to-     latest-ddos-attack


    This article shows how certain students from different departments reacted to the attacks as they occurred. Certain students stated how during finals they need access to the internet, and because they can’t, it hurts their productivity. Others stated how Rutgers, always has glitches in their system, and no one seems to know why. The article also goes to mention the name the presumed hacker went by, and the past and future of the Rutgers security field.

“Who Hacked Rutgers? University Spending Up To $3M To Stop Next                                Cyber Attack”

Heyboer, K. (2015, August 23). Who hacked Rutgers? University spending up to $3M to stop next cyber attack. Retrieved October 27, 2015, from http://www.nj.com/education/2015/08/who_hacked_rutgers_university_spending_up_to_3m_to.html


 This article goes into detail regarding the attack on Rutgers and implementations that followed. Rutgers states that they will be spending about $3M to companies such as FishNet who specialize in IT Security. This will then hopefully, update the old washed up security which Rutgers currently uses. The outside companies are supposed to test the system for fatal flaws and see what they can do to fix them. However, the University goes to state that they had to raise tuition this year by about 2.3%.

Apollonsky, D. (2015, July 1). Why did Exfocus Take Down Rutgers? An Interview & Analysis | Dimitry Apollonsky. Retrieved December 9, 2015, from http://apollonsky.me/exfocus-take-down-rutgers/

Karanasiou, A. P. (2014). The changing face of protests in the digital age: on occupying cyberspace and Distributed-Denial-of-Services (DDoS) attacks. International Review Of Law, Computers & Technology, 28(1), 98-113. doi:10.1080/13600869.2014.870638

Katie, P. (2015, May 1). Newark campus develops alternative plans for final exams as Rutgers network continues struggle against DDoS attack. Daily Targum, The: Rutgers University of New Jersey (New Brunswick, NJ).

Mansfield-Devine, S. (2015). Feature: The growth and evolution of DDoS. Network Security, 201513-20. doi:10.1016/S1353-4858(15)30092-1

Nazario, J. (2008). DDoS: DDoS attack evolution. Network Security, 20087-10. doi:10.1016/S1353-4858(08)70086-2

Yu, S. )., Tian, Y. )., Guo, S. )., & Wu, D. ). (2014). Can we beat DDoS attacks in clouds?. IEEE Transactions On Parallel And Distributed Systems, 25(9), 2245-2254. doi:10.1109/TPDS.2013.181

Pitch, Outline, & Bibliography

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