Week 3 – Continued

DDos Attack: What You Need To Know



This article breaks down on what a DDoS Attack is and how it effected the Rutgers system. The article uses real life examples such as a robbery and explains how to look at the breach. The article then breaks down scenarios to how the attack could have happened or who could have done the attacks, and what the University is doing for future purposes.

Research Methods/ Data Analysis

The article uses methods of using life examples to break down the attack. By using real life examples it explains to the audience on how the attack occurred and how the University was blindsided. The article does a good job in showing how the hacker was the robber and the University had it’s possession stolen before it knew what had actually happened. Then using the scenarios allows the audience to contemplate on how this attack could have occurred


The conclusion was that the University had old systems enabled, which did not allow them to foresee the attack. Once the attack had commenced, the University had a tough time adjusting to what was occurring. By allowing third party facilities to take over the Security aspect of IT, Rutgers will have better protection for the future.

How This Fits In My Project

I can use this article to show how the DDoS attack occurs, and use the example of the robber. I could show how tough it is to protect against a DDoS attack and what the University is doing for the future.

Why Did Exfocus Take Down Rutgers?An Interview & Analysis

Why did Exfocus Take Down Rutgers? An Interview & Analysis


The author had interviewed the attacker to see what their motive was and other questions. The hacker had admitted to getting paid by a third party and admits to being on campus of the attack. The attacker refuses to show how they were paid, but just states Bitcoin. They also state that they will stop once they stop being paid. They also show a snapshot of their screen of hacking. The article then acts questions regarding the attack, such as if the hacker was really hired by an third party candidate.

Research Methods/Data Analysis

The author of this article does an interview and directly speaks with the hacker. Through this they ask questions regarding the attack such as the motive and what is in for the hacker. As the hacker responds they do not give too much information, but enough to see that there probably was a third party candidate involved paying the hacker. The hacker states that they were on campus at the time. Looking at the data I can see that there probably had to be a third party candidate and that the attacker must have had some connection to the University.


In conclusion, the interview with the hacker shows that there is more than meets the eye. The hacker must have been hired and was being paid money. The third party candidate had allowed the hacker to continuously attack the Rutgers system. We won’t know the complete truth until the hacker is caught.

How This Fits In My Project

I can use this article as a way that shows the exact messages from the hacker. This can be used because I can show that there was a motive behind the attacks. With that being said, the article would also help in showing how the hacker was in constant communication with social media sites such as Twitter.

FBI Investigating Rutgers University in DDoS Attack



This article mentions the attack occurring at Rutgers and the FBI looking into the issue. The FBI will be working with the Rutgers PD to see who is behind the issue. The article states that as this attack has occurred a few times this year, the University was update everyone on how they are handling the situation.

Research Methods/Data Analysis

The article updates the status of the attack as they occurred. They mention how the FBI is now involved, and what they will be beginning to do. The article was to the point to what was occurring and that the University will give out more updates as they get fresh information.


In conclusion, the DDoS attacks on the University were no joke. They forced the FBI to become involved who will work with the University to see what had actually happened.

How This Fits In My Project

I can use this to show the severity of the attack. With the FBI stepping in to check out the situation it will show how big of damage the University had taken from the attack.

Week 3 – Continued

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